Building Permits

The first two tools in your construction kit should be patience and understanding. Hawaii law requires that all plans must be prepared, designed, approved and stamped by a duly registered, professional, licensed architect or structural engineer. A minimum of 5 complete sets of plans will be needed.

You must use a Hawaii licensed general contractor unless you declare "owner-builder" status. If you do decide to be an owner-builder, State law prohibits you from renting or selling your property for one year.

Regardless of the builder, the electrical system and plumbing must be installed by licensed electricians and plumbers, each of whom must apply for separate permits and schedule separate inspections.

Residential permit fee is $516 for the first $100,000 in value plus $3 per additional $1,000 value.

Obtaining a Kauai County building permit may take you to six County Departments and one State Agency.
Building Division (808) 241-6655
Planning Department (808) 241-6677
Department of Water (808) 245-5813
Engineering Division (808) 241-6619
Fire Department (808) 241-6508
Division of Wastewater Management (808) 241-6642
Environmental Health Services (808) 241-3566


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