Fractional Ownership


Fractional ownership is an affordable way to own Kauai real estate. A fractional ownership must consist of 60 consecutive days or more per year. You may use your entire two months or allow others to use all or any portion of your shared ownership on Kauai.

Detailed Agreement

A Fractional Ownership Agreement among all owners spells out the specific details regarding your fractional ownership of Kauai real estate. A professional Management Agreement may provide you with worry-free use and enjoyment

Time-based Ownership:
Less than 60 consecutive days = Timeshare (usually sold by the week) 60 consecutive days or more = Fractional Ownership (usually sold in 2-month increments)All the time = Whole Ownership

Type of Ownership:
Leasehold = Subject to a land lease Fee Simple = Obtaining title to land and improvements

Contact Us
Contact us to buy and enjoy fractional ownership in a luxury Kauai home or condo or just to learn more about fractional ownership of Kauai real estate.


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