Okolehao Trail

October 18, 2012 |

If you’re coming for a visit to Kauai, you probably know that one of its main attractions is its hikes.  A hike that I highly recommend is the Okolehao Trail.  It is located right in Hanalei.  The road is just past the bridge to Hanalei.  Once you turn left down this dirt road, you follow it until you see the Okolehao sign.  There is public parking across the street from the head of the trail, to the left. 


This trail is a great way to get a workout in and view our beautiful island.  The beginning is especially demanding.  Make sure to wear your hiking shoes and to bring water!  It is usually best to start in the morning or the late afternoon so that you do not overheat.  However, if you do start in the late afternoon please pack a flashlight.  It can get dark on the trail with all of the trees blocking the sunlight. 


One stop that you must make while hiking is at the power lines.  The view of Hanalei Bay from the Power lines is breathtaking.  Please take a moment to get some photographs and then continue on to the Aloha Bench.  This part of the trail is not as strenuous as the beginning and the view at the Aloha Bench is worth the distance!!  It’s another view of Hanalei Bay from a higher vantage point. 


If you continue past this point you will eventually come to ropes.  These ropes were installed to help you hike up the trail.  As you can imagine, the inclines become very steep the further you go.  In all, there are 22 ropes.  If you decide to do the full hike, I highly recommend beginning in the morning. It takes approximately 8 hours to complete, round trip. 


While you are on the trail, make sure to eat the strawberry guavas!!  They line the trail and are delicious and a great source of vitamin C.  These grape tomato sized berries are hard to miss as they are so abundant along the trail and are red! 


Come to Kauai and enjoy the outdoors on this thrilling hike!!


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