Google Maps

July 23, 2012 |

In this day and age you are most probably familiar with Google and their web mapping service application Google Maps.  It can be a lifesaver in many situations.  If you would like to see what the traffic is like for your particular route, you can with Google Maps.  If you would like to see high-definition, panoramic photos of your destination, you can with Google Maps.  It has a multitude of different features to help with your everyday commutes, your rare destinations and everything in-between. 


If you have never used Google Maps before, simply navigate to  Your screen will show a large map.  On this page you are able to set your default location.  This location will show-up as your point A whenever you are getting directions.  From here, click on “My Places”.  This page allows you to set-up your home and work addresses.   Make sure to run your mouse over the upper right-hand corner of the map, where the satellite thumbnail is located.  This will allow you to see the map in a satellite or 3D view.


Here comes the exciting part:  Google has recently made an effort to expand its library of photos for Kauai and the rest of the state.  You may have noticed their interesting looking cars and trikes here on Kauai a few months ago. Because of this, when your mouse runs over the satellite thumbnail, you will get a selection of items you would like to appear on your map.  Your selection includes traffic, photos, weather, webcams, etc.  If you select ‘photos’ from this list, pictures of the different areas that you can travel to pop-up on your map. Now, Google has provided us with a larger selection of 360-degree, high resolution, panoramic views of Kauai!


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